Picking Perfect Pageant Dresses

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If you are a regular to the pageant circuit, then there is a good chance that you already know all the secrets to choosing great pageant dresses, but there is still the possibility of learning a bit more.  If you are just getting ready to start your pageant career, then you could learn a thing or two about choosing pageant dresses, as long as you are willing to accept a little bit of instruction.

First of all, it is important that your pageant dresses fit you perfectly.  This is not just to help you present the best possible appearance, but also to ensure that you are comfortable on the stage.  If you strive to fit into a smaller size or you just make a mistake when ordering your dress online, you could end up with a very uncomfortable dress.  Your discomfort will show when you walk, and it could even distract you during very important parts of the pageant.  It is extremely important that you measure correctly and order your dresses accordingly.  

Next, you may want more than anything to wear a hot pink dress because it is your favorite color, but if hot pink is not your color then you should steer clear.  Red is a coveted color for pageant dresses, too, but it is extremely hard to select red dresses that don't wear you.  If you must, consult a specialist to learn which colors work best for your skin tone and will help you to present a slender appearance on the stage.  You will be much more successful if you select dresses that work with your coloring, even if you are not crazy about the hues.

Finally, be flexible with the styles that you choose.  Everyone wants to wear something that has come directly from the catwalk in New York, but you might have to accept that your body type is not made for the pageant dresses from big name designers.  If you are willing to compromise a bit on your style, then you could find that you like the dress that you end up with more than the dress that you set out to buy.  Most importantly, you can be certain that you are presenting a poised and confident image for the judges and the audience.  This, after all, is what will help you win the pageants- not the designer name on your dress.

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Picking Perfect Pageant Dresses

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This article was published on 2010/12/22